Friday, September 21, 2012

Our (Almost Finished) Nursery

I like to blame the nursery not being finished on the fact that he's coming 3 weeks early, but that isn't really true. We have all the big stuff, I just need to add some more decorative things on his little wall shelves and more books on his bookcase. And I REALLY need to figure out the curtains! I don't want to use the crib skirt fabric because I don't like things to be too matchy. I'm thinking something with navy. We have a lot of empty frames on the walls, but the reason for that is obvious! They will be filled up after his newborn pictures in November (we booked the date several months ago based on his due date of October 28th because the photographer we want really does book up that early - Crazy!!) Anyway, here is the room that our Elijah Campbell will call home...

My favorite part of the room is the wall monogram. It is wooden and we bought it from Etsy and then painted and hung it. We decided that Carter needed his own spot in the room so he didn't feel left out, but he decided that the chair is more his style. Another one of my favorite little things in the room is this:

It's called a "Latchy Catchy" and we also bought it on Etsy. It makes the door close silently - which should be a big help for naps and bedtime. I wish we had them on every door in our house! I also finally bought a baby bag and I really like it but it's not exactly what I wanted:

I really, REALLY hate 99% of all baby bags. I looked at a million normal tote bags and finally settled on the Tory Burch Ella but I couldn't find one in person at either Nordstrom or Saks. I didn't want to buy it sight unseen because I could never get any solid information on the interior pockets, and I couldn't accurately judge the size. So this one will work for now, at least until we need something bigger!

His nursery is already my favorite room in our house. It is SO calm and peaceful in there and everything just feels so clean. We'll be sure to enjoy that feeling for the next 12 days! :)

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