Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers Day 2012

This Father's Day was the first one in a long time that I was actually excited about. Don't get me wrong - Carter has been buying his "Dad" gifts for the last five years, but that has been the extent of Father's Day excitement for me. Since my Dad passed away in 2002, it's always been a day that I sort of ignore as much as possible. This year, we finally have something to be excited about and it is definitely a welcome change!

Our day was pretty low key. Other than running a few errands and having lunch at Harry's, we pretty much laid around the house all day and caught up on the last season of Dexter. Of course there were presents involved... presents that I was just DYING to give Ryan...

The baby got him 3 San Diego Chargers onesies and 2 Chargers baby hats so that they can start making father and son football memories right away; and Carter got him a GPS running watch so he can map his time, distance, etc. when he runs. Carter was just happy for the present opening to end so he could assume his normal position on his Dad's lap.

And he probably got the best gift on Saturday night when he felt his son kick for the first time! When I feel him moving around in there I always try to let Ryan feel it and it never works out. But on Saturday, he was REALLY moving and he finally got to feel it. His reaction was, "There is a PERSON in there!" I'm glad he's all up to speed now on what this whole "pregnancy" thing means. ha!

And, for the sake of remembering how things went the first time around, here is my 21 week photo:

I mean really... WHERE did that come from? One day I can wear all my normal clothes and literally the next day it felt like my jeans were going to cut off my circulation. I even broke down and bought 2 pairs of maternity pants so that I can wear something other than yoga pants and dresses. {Side note: why haven't I been wearing maternity pants my entire life? Most comfortable things EVER and nobody knows you have that weird stretchy thing on top! Genius!}

Only 19 weeks to go!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's a...

And we could not be happier!!! We got a good look at our 11 ounce little guy yesterday after everything else was checked out. The best news of all is that he is perfectly healthy with a strong heart, and all of his other organs checked out great as well. I was so nervous after hearing heartbreaking stories about the anatomy scan that our ultrasound tech kept telling me that I was making her nervous! It was the biggest relief to know that everything is okay!

And, I have to be honest... I REALLY wanted a boy. Before I was ever pregnant, I always thought I would want a girl right away. I just die over all of the adorable girl clothes out there, and I wouldn't mind having an excuse to put some pink in this house. But, literally from the first day that I was pregnant, I told everyone that it was a boy. I was so turned off by girl clothes, girl bedding, and all the normal girl things that I normally love that I think I must have subconsciously known all along. Not to mention, all of the "unisex" things we have purchased (which most recently includes a royal blue North Face jacket) were totally NOT unisex. I always just told myself we would buy a lot of bows if we ended up having a girl!

I also have to share his ultrasound picture, because everyone seems to find it hysterical. It happens to be the one that says "it's a boy" ...

THAT'S HIS LEG. Please note the tiny arrow that points to his actual boy part. We think he is going to love this picture when he's about 16.

And, just because I think it's cute, here is another little leg...

Looks like the leg of a future Olympian or professional athlete to me! HA HA just kidding!

Knowing that he is a he makes everything seem so much more real! I can't wait to meet our little man!