Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's a...

And we could not be happier!!! We got a good look at our 11 ounce little guy yesterday after everything else was checked out. The best news of all is that he is perfectly healthy with a strong heart, and all of his other organs checked out great as well. I was so nervous after hearing heartbreaking stories about the anatomy scan that our ultrasound tech kept telling me that I was making her nervous! It was the biggest relief to know that everything is okay!

And, I have to be honest... I REALLY wanted a boy. Before I was ever pregnant, I always thought I would want a girl right away. I just die over all of the adorable girl clothes out there, and I wouldn't mind having an excuse to put some pink in this house. But, literally from the first day that I was pregnant, I told everyone that it was a boy. I was so turned off by girl clothes, girl bedding, and all the normal girl things that I normally love that I think I must have subconsciously known all along. Not to mention, all of the "unisex" things we have purchased (which most recently includes a royal blue North Face jacket) were totally NOT unisex. I always just told myself we would buy a lot of bows if we ended up having a girl!

I also have to share his ultrasound picture, because everyone seems to find it hysterical. It happens to be the one that says "it's a boy" ...

THAT'S HIS LEG. Please note the tiny arrow that points to his actual boy part. We think he is going to love this picture when he's about 16.

And, just because I think it's cute, here is another little leg...

Looks like the leg of a future Olympian or professional athlete to me! HA HA just kidding!

Knowing that he is a he makes everything seem so much more real! I can't wait to meet our little man!


  1. Oh so exciting!! So I'm probably very biased due to our little man, but boys are the best!! :) Something about a little guy and his momma, swoon! So happy for yall!!!

  2. How exciting!!!! I always said I wanted a boy first because my sister has three girls, but Josh's sister has a boy & I also have two nephews. (I'm actually afraid that I WON'T have a girl, so then I kinda want one first just to make sure I have at least one. The rest of them can be boys, but I need a girl for my sanity!)