Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One & Two Month Updates

While I have a few minutes during nap time, I want to quickly document Eli's one and two month progress. So here goes...

One Month Stats:

Height & Weight: Not sure exactly, but I will guess around 9 lbs and still around 20" long.

Likes: Being held, taking baths, laying on his play mat.

Dislikes: Being put down (we held him through all his naps and sometimes at night, too!), tummy time (he will only tolerate it for a few minutes)

Milestones: He accidentally rolled over at 13 days old. My mom and I both witnessed it and knew for sure that he's a genius! :) He will also grab anything you put in front of his face.

Favorite gear: He likes his play gym for awhile, but really he just wants to be with his mommy or daddy. The three of us could not survive without the Boppy. We love it!

Clothes: Wearing all newborn size. He's still a little guy. Also wearing newborn diapers.

Other memories: He had his first home visits from family this month. First by my mom and then by Ryan's dad and stepmom who came from Colorado to meet him.

Two Month Stats:

Height & Weight: At his two month appointment, he was 10 lbs 9 oz and 21.5" long

Likes: Laying on his back on a blanket, looking at the TV, taking a bath

Dislikes: Getting his nose suctioned. WOW. But he usually recovers pretty quickly!

Milestones: He had his first shots at his 2 month appointment and only cried for about 10 seconds. He is SUCH a tough baby! He was pleasant the rest of the night and only had a little stomach issue and a slightly elevated temp. He started gooing this month and we love it! He is so much fun to "talk" to! He also started smiling more than ever. He has smiled since he was 3 days old but now they are much more common!

Favorite gear: He LOVES his mobile. He looks at it and smiles and makes the best noises. He also likes blankets on the floor, the Baby Bjorn, his Boppy, his Wub-A-Nub pacifier (he loves holding the monkey), and his stroller. We got to take some walks this month while it was still warm outside and he loves being outside and looking around at everything - he already seems very inquisitive like his Daddy!

Clothes: Wearing 0-3 Months mostly, but all of his pants are still Newborn size. Switched from Newborn diapers to Size 1 this month.

Other memories: He had his first trip this month to my Mom's house in Ashland for Thanksgiving. He did awesome in the car and slept through the night every night we were there! (about 10:30 pm until 6:00 am). He did come home with a little cough and congestion but it only lasted a few days.

I can't believe how much he changed and how much easier life became during the 2nd month. He's now almost 3 months and the change is even harder to believe! I feel like he is going to go away to college tomorrow and I may have cried while watched "The Bachelorette Wedding" because I was thinking about his wedding day. Help me!