Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 3, 2012

(This post was scheduled for October 3, 2012 at 8:30 am which actually ended up being the exact time he was born. For some reason, it didn't post. Stupid blogger.)

Dear Eli,

Today's the day. It's a day that we have been waiting a very long time for. As a matter of fact, by the time you're born, I will have been waiting 31 years, 10 months and 28 days to meet you. That's 11,655 days that I've lived without you, and I don't know if I could take one more. Your Dad and I have been wondering about you since long before we ever starting trying to have you, even before we were ever married. We've started many sentences with "When we have a kid..." and of course we ended those sentences with various nuggets of parental wisdom. We've often seen little kids with big dimples and wondered if, down the road, our child would take after us and have them to. We've always referred to the formerly empty bedroom in our house as Griffin Griffin's room, because I always loved Griffin for a first name for a boy, but we wouldn't do that to you. We also wondered if you would inherit your Dad's big head... no really, I mean it. You'll hear stories about it at family gatherings. Based on your ultrasounds, I'm afraid you might have some similar stories one day. So needless to say, you aren't something that's been on our minds for the last nine months, you're something that's been on our minds for over nine years.

I've known that you were a boy from the day we found out that we were going to have you; and that was confirmed for us on June 11 this year. Your name was all but decided many years ago, especially after Griffin Griffin was off the table. Your Dad's middle name is Elijah (actually spelled Ellijah) and you're being named after him. I promise, you'll soon learn that there is nobody else in the world that you'd rather share your name with, and definitely nobody who'd rather share his name with you. Your middle name, Campbell, is after your grandfather, my Dad. You'll never actually get to meet him but I can assure you that he would have been one of your biggest fans. Who knows, maybe he picked you out and decided to send you to us. There are lots of other Campbells in your family, specifically your Uncle Bub, who are very excited to welcome you into their clan.

There will be a lot of people that love you who will be waiting at the hospital to meet you tomorrow, and many more who will come to meet you over the next few days, weeks and months. We can't forget your big brother, Carter, who has been testing out all your equipment and toys to make sure they're safe for you. He's also taken up a new sleeping spot so that he's always able to keep tabs on you...

You'll really have to thank him one day. He has been the subject of our first experiment at being
"parents" so he's probably helped iron out some of the wrinkles for you.

I wanted to write you this letter before you arrive because I imagine that things will become a little more hectic once you're here..and we wouldn't have it any other way. We don't care about sleepless nights, stained clothes or having less money in the bank as long as you're here and you're safe. I promise we will always do our best to teach you, guide you, and support you, even if we make you mad and you don't understand why we do the things we do. But you will never, ever, ever have to question how much we love you. We are forever grateful that God has entrusted us with your life, and we hope that you will soon feel the same way.

I can't believe I'm typing these words, but... I'll see you tomorrow.