Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First Gifts

The hardest part about the second trimester that no one ever mentions is the inability to shop. Once I got through the first trimester, I got a huge sense of relief that everything should be okay and that there is actually a real human baby in there. Well, babies need stuff and I want to start buying all that stuff. The only problem is, I don't know if I need to buy pink stuff or blue stuff! There are very few "gender neutral" things that I don't completely hate. A kid can only have so many green and yellow duck outfits. I think I literally feel pain when I get the Zulily email every morning and am unable to buy any of the adorable and discounted outfits for girls and boys. Along the way, we have received and have purchased a few things for our mystery baby...

The first gift we received was this ultrasound frame from my Mom. I couldn't find one that I liked anywhere but luckily my Mom knew I would want one and found this one that I love...

Then one night Ryan and I decided we wanted to buy a little something (mostly because I had this awesome 50% off Fisher Price coupon from Target! ha!) and we ended up with this iPod/iPhone holder thing for little ones to play games on. Might as well teach him or her at a young age that Apple is taking over the world...

One day I did give in to a Zulily sale and I bought some adorable little pajama sets. I have a weird thing for baby and kid pajamas. I just think they look so cute and comfy in them. I ended up with these by Leveret:

And of course, big bro Carter wanted to get in on the photo action:

I also bought a couple little things from Children's Place (also because they were on super sale and because so many of my friends are obsessed with the "Stretchies" sleepers)

Clearly, someone is not camera shy!

And lastly, when we were in Nashville last weekend for the Rock & Roll Marathon, Ryan's mom bought us a big bag of fun stuff from San Diego for the little one:

So that is what we have accumulated so far! We are very lucky to have several friends and family who are already planning showers for us. I cannot wait to find out what we are having so that we can register because I am already completely obsessed with Buy Buy Baby. I mean - it actually smells like babies in there. I don't know how they do it. Hurry up June 11th!!

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